Kimmie Willis

i watched the season premier of ‘hell’s kitchen’ and was immediately struck by kimmie willis, of memphis TN, who basically started out angry at everyone for no reason. i recall seeing her from behind and looking at her elbow fat (the rolls of fat which fall over the elbow), not to mention her gorilla-like gait, and feeling like i couldn’t continue watching the show. at one point, a blond thin woman said something, or did something in the kitchen (i can’t remember) — and i’ll admit the blond woman is sort of not-that-intelligent — and kimmie was like “that dumb blond [beep]” and i was like “what’s your problem?” at the screen, like pieces of cantaloupe actually fell out of my mouth saying that; anyways, i’m not ‘hating’ on fat people, just trying to give you an honest reaction to the show. kimmie makes it difficult for me to continue watching ‘hell’s kitchen,’ so if you’re a marketing analyst working for the show, and stumble across this post, may it be known that the elite high-brow intellectual liberal class is feeling turned off big time. gross